The Bubble Nebula

Craig Bremmon • 17 February 2020
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The Bubble Nebula, or C11, is an Emission Nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia.  The "bubble" is created by the stellar wind from a massive hot, 8.7 magnitude young central star 44 times the mass of the sun.  The nebula is near a giant molecular cloud which contains the expansion of the bubble nebula while itself being excited by the hot central star, causing it to glow.

This image was taken Oct 19, 2019, near Magdalena, NM with a Celestron 9.25” SCT Telescope, at f/10, on an iOptron CEM60 mount, with a Canon 6D Camera at ISO 3200, for 32 x 60 second exposures stacked in Deep Sky Stacker and further processed in Photoshop CS3.