Faint Fuzzy Friday: The Double Cluster (NGC 869 & NGC 884)

FM Astronomy Club • 15 November 2019

This week's Faint Fuzzy Friday is the Double Cluster which is composed of two open clusters, NGC 869 and NGC 884 and the two clusters are easily seen in the same field of view with binoculars or small telescopes. This object may look better in a small telescope then a larger scope. It's also known as Caldwell 14.

The best time to view it right now is around 11 PM but it is viewable all night long from the Fargo area. You should be able to view it fairly early after sunset.

Astronomical LeagueAstronomical League Observing Programs

The Double Cluster is a target to observe as part of several different observing programs from the Astronomical League. 

Two In The View Observing Program

This program is dedicated to observing two objects simultaneously in the eyepiece. The Double Cluster is a prime example of this. >> Learn more

Caldwell Observing Program

A catalogue of 109 objects assembled by Sir Patrick Caldwell-Moore. >> Learn more

Urban Observing Program

This program highlights deep sky objects that can be observed from urban areas. >> Learn more

Video - Sirius Stargazing: The Double Cluster (Caldwell 14)

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Double Cluster Map