Weather Forecast for Nov 9 - 16

Shawn Johnston • 9 November 2019

Weather forecast for the Nov 9-16
Scope Nights Forecast

Our Fall weather continues to frustrate local astronomers with many of our evenings being overcast, especially on the weekends.  Our star party on October 25 at the Regional Science Center was an exception with the evening being clear but windy. 

The forecast for the next few days doesn’t look promising for our programs with the Minnesota Statewide Star Party but maybe by the end of next week, there will be clearer skies for those who are out observing.

Here is what I use to check the weather forecast for astronomy needs: 

  1. Weather Underground
  2. Clear Sky Chart
  3. Scope Nights Astronomy Weather

Is anyone getting some observing or imaging time in this fall? What sites or applications do you use to check for weather?