Do College Students Really Need Homework?

Rosie Dunn • 6 September 2021

It's obvious that students have to do hard homework as long as their memory can hold it. You probably don't think much about it because it seems so normal and natural. Parents should help their children with homework every night. You might even have a homework spot in which each child can work on their assignments.

Technology has made it easier to access assistance for college, high school, and primary assignments. If you don't know the answer to a question, you can ask experts online.

As much as the children are responsible for their homework, parents have to do it. Before bedtime, ask your children the question that they have likely become accustomed to: "Have you done your homework?"  If your child's homework is difficult, you can always turn to 123Homework for help.

Let's see if college students really need homework.

The Practice is the Best Medicine for Your Brain

Do you wonder if homework is important for college students? College students are more likely to be able to comprehend most of the concepts they're being taught than young children who may struggle to grasp different concepts. They also have unlimited access to online and library resources that can help them understand complex concepts.

It would seem that college students, being adults, have the brain capacity necessary to comprehend everything. The only thing that makes a college student different from a child in elementary schools is what they are exposed to. Although college students are exposed to more complicated material, their brains still work the same way they have always. Although it might be more adept at understanding information, without practice, it won't work.

Yes, college students need to do homework because their brains require practice in order to stay sharp. Although learning is easy, it should not be taken lightly. It's just like learning a new skill. To improve, you must do it again and again.

It is counterintuitive to do too much homework

For years, educators and parents have debated the merits of homework. Students have their own opinions on homework and how it affects college life. Although we have already discussed the benefits of homework, it isn't without its drawbacks.

Students have been vocalizing their concerns about homework in recent years. Many students become so stressed out about the amount of work required that they stop being productive.

Because of the pressure to be successful, parents' hearts break when their children are unable to recognize them during summer breaks. While homework is important, too much of it can lead to the opposite of what it was intended to do. Because their children's health is at risk, Guardians appeal to educators to review the homework guidelines.

College students have access to online academic help

Students have instant access to online academic support, which can be a positive thing. On the other hand, educators might have increased the academic workload of students because of this. The argument of educators is that they are able to handle more homework because they don't need to read through volumes of books in order to answer their assignments.

This is a bad way to approach homework. Students rush through assignments due to having so many things to do. They don't learn anything new because they are too focused on submitting the paper on time.

Students shouldn't be held responsible for their easy access to information. A college student is still a student, regardless of whether they access the library or other online resources. Students must take time to do their homework in order to learn new information. However, they won't be able to do this if they are constantly overwhelmed by schoolwork.

The Final Word

Although homework is an important part of learning, college students shouldn't be given too many assignments. To give students the time they need to process information, educators should manage academic workloads at higher education institutions. Students can concentrate on their assignments and not worry about deadlines. This will help them to be more productive in their studies.


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