Solar Observing at Fargo Park District Share-A-Story Event

Shawn Johnston • 10 June 2019

Club members Jay Bjerke, Shawn Johnston, and James Ingberg ran solar telescopes this Saturday at the Fargo Park District’s 16th annual Share-A-Story event held at Rheault Farm in south Fargo.

The event drew hundreds of youth, mostly under 8 years of age would be my guess. We had a great location near the main south gate which. The weather forecast wasn’t great but were able to provide viewing until about 1:30 in the afternoon when the clouds came in. The overall event ran from 9 am - 2 pm and included demonstrations and exhibits from many different community groups.

Here are a few pictures:

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Jay surveys the field


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Sun funnels provide a safe and easy way to observe the sun.


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Many people wanted to view the sun!